Take control of delivering your gifting and merchandise

Who hasn’t had a huge smile on their face and hugged their DPD driver after answering the front door and discovering that someone has sent you a gift?  It hasn’t really mattered whether it’s a box of fruit and veg, ingredients for a virtual cocktail event or a branded hoodie and mug from work, the joy of receiving something physical has become exponentially more powerful over the last 13 months.

Whilst AOK Events have pivoted successfully into becoming virtual events experts, at the same time we have created a brilliant fulfilment service and we thought it was time it had a name. AOK Connect. Very simply we will help you connect with your clients and employees by taking control of delivering your gifts and merchandise. Seamlessly. Every time.

With you, we will discover what your challenge is, design a bespoke solution and deliver it; on time, on budget and with our wonderful customer service at the fore. Before we send anything out, we can build a registration website so that we capture all of the relevant information (who even knows where anyone lives anymore?!), design and print bespoke packaging, before taking charge of the logistics and delighting your audience.

So whether you want to send out some SWAG to your staff at the start of Q2, deliver some hampers to your top clients during Royal Ascot or replace your Summer Party with a “digital thank you”, AOK Connect will help. We will even take control of your whole merchandise inventory. 

Visit our website or drop us a line for more info.

AOK Events launch dedicated gifting, merchandise and fulfilment service

AOK Events launch dedicated gifting, merchandise and fulfilment service - AOK Connect

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We had a (bau)ball

To kick off our first blog of 2019, we thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the most wonderful time of the year in 2018. December saw us supporting 130 happy clients on their events – from exclusive and shared parties to conferences and VIP trips. The team have been looking back at which ones stand out and why.

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